Sotheby‘s Group of Companies

Our website is provided by Sotheby‘s Inc, a US entity who is part of the Sotheby‘s group of companies. Depending on the auction or sale that you participate in, where you reside or the services that you request the other affiliates of Sotheby‘s from time to time, which includes those listed below, may also process your data.

If you interact with our .com website or an affiliate of Sotheby‘s, open an account, bid or transact in an auction or sale on that website or with such entity then, in addition to Sotheby‘s, the Sotheby‘s entity running the auction or sale will be the controller for that data. The name and contact details for this entity will be set out in your consignment agreement, private sale agreement, invoice or conditions of business for the auction or sale. Such entities will be an affiliate of Sotheby‘s, which includes the entities listed below.

Table of affiliate companies

AustriaSotheby‘s Kunstauktionen GesmbH
BelgiumSotheby‘s Belgium S.A.
Canada (RM)RM Classic Cars Inc.
ChinaSotheby‘s (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Sotheby‘s (Beijing) Commercial Co., Ltd.
Sotheby‘s (Shanghai) Auction Co., Ltd.
Sotheby‘s (Shanghai) E-commerce Co., Ltd.
DubaiSotheby‘s Art Services Limited
FranceSotheby‘s (France) SAS
GermanySotheby‘s Deutschland GmbH
RM Auctions Deutschland GmbH
Hong KongSotheby‘s Hong Kong Limited
IndiaSotheby‘s Art Services (India) Private Limited
IrelandSotheby‘s London (Irish branch)
IsraelSotheby‘s Israel
ItalySotheby‘s Italia S.r.l
RM Auctions Italia S.r.l
JapanSotheby‘s Japan Ltd
KoreaSotheby‘s Korea Limited
MonacoSotheby‘s Monaco S.A.M
NetherlandsSotheby‘s Amsterdam B.V.
SingaporeSotheby‘s (Singapore) Pte Ltd
SpainSotheby‘s y Asociados, S.A.
SwedenSotheby‘s Scandinavia Aktiebolag
SwitzerlandSotheby‘s AG
Sotheby‘s (Geneva Branch)
Sotheby‘s Diamonds, S.A
RM Auctions Suisse Sàrl
TaiwanSotheby‘s Taiwan Limited
Sotheby‘s Financial Services Limited
RM Auctions Limited
USSotheby‘s, Inc
Sotheby‘s Financial Services, Inc
RM Auctions, Inc.
US (wine)Sotheby‘s 72nd & York, Inc
York Storage, Inc

If you have any questions about the affiliates or this policy or would like to exercise any of your rights please contact

Effective Date: 5 May 2023